Samantha Taylor is haunted by her dreams of an ancient civilization and their teachings. Are they lessons, memories - maybe warnings? She knows the human race's vibrational energy is purposefully being lowered through negative news, sadistic movies and violent video games. The question is why?

​The first volume in the new Clarity series takes the reader through devastating heartbreak, passion and eye-opening ancient secrets. Past and present converge to help Samantha discover her personal destiny and role in helping mankind defeat those who prepare to gain control of an unknowing world.

Ivy Gilbert

Feeling Funkabulous describes the journey of Lumi Powers who is struggling with the physical and mental challenges of being over forty. Through awareness of what happens to women as their hormones and nutrient levels decline, Lumi learns tools of physical restoration that help to correct these deficiencies and achieve optimal levels once again.

Lumi is also reminded of simple, time-honored life lessons that help her to feel better about herself and attain greater levels of self-worth and happiness. With tender encouragement Lumi learns how easy it is to go from feeling funky to fabulous. Feeling Funkabulous is a simple story, but offers relevant information and insightful wisdom for women trying to understand what is happening to them as they reach this critical juncture in life.

Is it easier to forget… or to remember the past?

This vivid historical fiction transports you to a small town in Maine during the early 1900s where kindred spirits, Leon and Anna first meet. They share a connection far greater than anyone dreamed possible and fall deeply in love. However, fate has different plans for them.

As decades pass their lives are long forgotten; yet no secrets stay hidden forever. Now 1972, a new family, David and Rose, discover clues to a past long gone but more present than ever. They allow fate, curiosity and their belief in the unseen to guide them in their search for answers. In their quest they discover love that was never forgotten, guilt that haunted the living and redemption for a lost life.

Being intuitive has its advantages, but it can also be a curse. 

Sixteen-year-old Maia Taylor loves that she can use her gift of insight and visions to her advantage; but lately, these powers have become overwhelming. Confused by her thoughts and inner desires, she questions who she is and why she feels this way. The past and present soon converge to find her caught up in a world crisis, not of her making, but destined for since times of Greek mythology. Each day brings her closer to a place where love and sacrifice must meet, and she must make a decision that could determine the survival of mankind.

The second book in the Clarity series, this young adult paranormal romance offers love, intrigue and self-discovery in a unique supernatural world of the past.